Who to drill and tap a Benelli reciever?


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Just picked up a pair of Benelli's, an early M1 Super 90 with rifle sights, and an M2 Field with 24in barrel. I'd really prefer ghost rings and an RMR. Who can I trust to drill and tap the receivers? Would this take away from the value or collectability of the HK imported M1?


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I had Steve Baldwin in Jones OK drill and tap my M2 reciever for a scalar worx RMR mount. It is excellent. I typically use it for hunting in cold weather when I am wearing heavy clothing that would typically make a consistent mount difficult. I do not believe that I would want ghost rings with this setup even if it was being used as a defensive shotgun. The scalar worx mount sits low enough that it really doesn't change your mount or sight picture. It's not great for faster instinctual shooting at crossers as you would encounter shooting skeet and there is a slight learning curve but once you get dialed in on how to use it, it is excellent. Go with a type 2 adjustable led RMR with a dot at least 3.25 MOA and I would encourage a 6 MOA dot.

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