Who wants to mess with this lady.


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9mm, rapid fire, 30 ft, off hand. If I hadn't been right beside her, I would not have beleived it. She is right handed and was having trouble with consistency. After we figured out she is left eye dominant, we had her try shooting left handed. The results speak for themselves.


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Uh yeah. That's kinda the unwritten law when talking about a lady on a gun forum. Pics are a must or gtfo. I thought this was in the BS rules or something? Well it should be!


ANY lady wanting to shoot gets a pass inmho. We have a lady that shoots a weekday match at the PC range, that can barely stand, but does it to compete. We had a guy from Ks with no legs shoot our steel challenge today. He is still a LEO from Newton Ks. I was on a different squad, and didn't get to talk to him. Universal sport! :D


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I'm working on getting a picture from her. May take some doing, but I think I can work it out.

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