who's broke and needs what?

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Real Name said:
Bought an M2 14 months ago with intent on sending to be Accurate Ron-ized. F*cking company outsourced my entire division so it is still in the shipping box. Someday it will get pimped. Hopefully in time for the Nordic Shotgun match next summer.
Im sorry, sir. For you, my work will cost the same as it did 14 months ago, promise.
The Antichrome said:
I'm broke, but someday, someday, I'll have Accurate Ron transform my old Colt Bowling Pin gun into a Sunday-go-to-meetin' BBQ gun. Someday.
Its form certainly follows function. Beautiful. Id keep it like that and get a colt SAA for pulled pork!
Wall said:
I need this

to look like this
your wife would have chosen some different pics for that post.


I'm not broke yet, all my needs are being met. It's a lot better being almost broke than dealing with supervisors and H.R departments.
It would be nice if they found lot's of oil on my lease and the price of oil went up.
I could use a sear for my FN FNC if you happen to have one laying around. It would have to be one of the registered types though. Not one of the ones that will put me to work making license plates for the skinny side of my life.

Travis Colford

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I'm a broke ass college student but don't really need anything would like a semi auto shotty instead of my borrowed pump but eh in time.

and some whiskey would be nice right about now.

Dustin Cantrell

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Is this a wish list from Accurate Ron of sorts? If so, I have a wish.

I need knowledge of 1911/2011 trigger jobs. All of the trigger work I've done on my guns has just involved polishing and swapping parts and springs with no real skill involved. I have some ceramic stones and have been reading about hammer and sear jigs. I'm almost an hour and a half away but would love to watch you do a trigger job while you explain the process. I have a Range Officer and I'd like to slick up the trigger a bit myself but don't want to screw anything up. Would pay in beer of your choice for the teaching.
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