WTB revolver cylinder assembly


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I'm looking for a used (or new if anyone has it) cylinder assembly for a smith and wesson model19-3. Looking for a complete cylinder assembly with ejector rod and crane. The revolver I have has a recessed cylinder with a pinned barrel. I found several on auction sites but don't want to mess with the auction process if I can avoid it.


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Gunnut 23 said:
These are seldom straight swaps, amigo. FYI.
Thanks for the info. I figure I will need to find a smith who can (or is willing to) work the lug and get the timing straightened out. Looking for a second to have milled for moon clips without having to send off the original.

Scott Hearn

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Send it to TK Custom. I had mine back in my gun 10 days after I dropped it in the mail.

And yes it's totally possible to setup a recessed cylinder for moons and chamfer them too. I've heard it actually works better but my single P&R gun is stock. It may take some time to find one of those cylinders but they are out there.

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