WTB - USED Holsters, Mag Pouches, and Belts


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I am trying to assemble a few holster rigs for the OSU Practical Shooting team to use as loaners for kids who show up with a gun but don't have any of the other equipment they need to participate. This is a regular occurrence at our weekly practices. We don't need fancy or new gear, and I'm open to any make or style as long as it will allow somebody to safely train practical shooting skills. We're on a very limited budget, so I'm looking for some well used gear that we can get without spending much. The gear will be owned by the team itself and will allow dozens of kids to try practical shooting over the years.

Here's what we need:

Competitions Belts
Holsters - Glock or Universal
Mag Pouches - Glock or Universal

Dig around in the back of your shooting gear and let me know what you want to sell and how much you want for it. If you want to donate some equipment to the team, that's awesome too.



Tyler Branstetter

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Here is a link to some universal mag pouches I've bought in the past. I have 5 that I could give you that I don't use anymore since I upgraded. They're shipped from china but for $5 a pop, not bad to use as a loaner or to get started. Work for single or double stack mags.


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