XS sights


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Hey friends,

I'm sure this topic has been beat to death somewhere on this forum, I did try to search it but got a goose egg. I've been entertaining the idea of new sights on my blasters (4.5" XDm 40 and XD mod .2 40) and am super overwhelmed by the plethora of options out there. Earlier this evening I rediscovered XS sights and to me looks like a brilliant concept, the reviews I've read say otherwise in a lot of cases. I'm just trying to find some validity as to why they are or are not a good sight system, I'm blue collar so spending $100+ at a time isn't a luxury I have. Thanks in advance.


On a pocket .380 or a compact carry gun, maybe. On a full size service pistol, nope. Too difficult to be precise with, and regular sights are plenty fast. Heck, just pointing the gun will get pretty good results in the same sort of distances the XS is good for.

The only shooter I've seen do well with them is Monte Long. Nobody else uses them.


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Shooting Chef once told me he likes to pick up XS sights off of prize tables for his Glocks.

He's a master class USPSA shooter but I've only seen him compete with a 2011 in Open.

I guess he likes them but possibly not for competition.

I have a set of their offset AR sights and like them for really close targets. Much past 25 yards and they tend to be slow for accurate shots.